Email Outlook Express


Below mentioned are necessary details you need to have before configuring Email Account to OUTLOOK


Your E-mail Address:
Your Username / Account Name:
Password: *********
Account Type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server (SMTP):
Outgoing Mail Server (POP3):

Step 1:

Click on Outlook Express Twice to open it
Click on Tools and select Accounts from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:

Go to "MAIL" Tab then go to "ADD" Tab and Select "Mail"

Step 3:

Enter the name that you would like to display.
Click on "Next" Button

Step 4:

Enter the email address: For example-
Click on "NEXT" Button

Step 5:

Enter your Incoming Mail Server Details: (example:
Enter your Outgoing Mail Server Details: (example:
Click on "NEXT" Button

Step 6:

Enter Account Name add email id :
Enter Password: Enter the password assign to your email id
If you do not want enter your password every time then click on "Remember Password" Box
Finally Click on "Next" Button

Step 7:

Click Finish to complete the account setup

Step 8:

You will come back to Internet Accounts, under account select your domain account and click on properties
Under Properties go to Server TAB

Step 9:

Click checkbox "My Server Require Authentication"
Click on OK Buttons and exit.
Your account is now setup successfully in OUTLOOK EXPRESS.

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